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Built to last and refusing to follow the Indie music scene that has been dominating California, Dirty Machine have tasked themselves with bringing homegrown American Nu Metal back to the forefront of the industry. Based out of Los Angeles, the crowd this band draws has been moshing to their down-tuned rhythm since 2012. Consisting of David "Dirty Davo" Leach (front man), Darren Davis (guitar, vocals), Arnold "Hedge" Quezada (guitar), NIGHTMARE (percussion), DJ Ecusa (turntable), and Ben Jovi (bass); the members of Dirty Machine have brought together their eclectic musical backgrounds to form a powerhouse group that will not be fading away anytime soon.

Whether it is progressing forward with their music or thrashing around on stage, Dirty Machine is always in a state of constant motion. This is a band that does not believe in standing still. With a passionate enthusiasm for their craft which is rarely seen in today’s music, the members of Dirty Machine can make even the most standoffish crowd start head banging. Every live performance is a wildly spirited event.

Dirty Machine has done everything from headlining the Jägermeister stage at the 2016 Kansas City Rockfest to playing a sold out show at the House of Blues Sunset Strip. They have opened for acts such as Adema, Otep, Metalachi, and Orgy. Although they are based out of California, they are getting regular airtime on the leading Kansas City rock station “98.9 The Rock” and have been taking the state of Missouri by storm. They are also being heavily featured on the internet based rock station "Rock Rage Radio". Dirty Machine is steadily conquering America one state at a time through their street team, rabid fan base, and the far reaching scope of internet radio.

Dirty Machine released their debut album "Discord" on May 26th, 2017 and have completed their first ever tour opening for the infamous Insane Clown Posse. Currently the band has released their new single "Further From You" which was produced by the one and only Ulrich Wild.

The band is proud to be sponsored by EMG Pickups, COLDCOCK Whiskey, Bar Metal Clothing, TRX Cymbals, Xcel Drumsticks, ESP Guitars, Schecter Guitars, and Aquarian Drumheads.


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David "Dirty Davo" Leach - Front Man

Darren Davis - Guitar/Vocals

Arnold "Hedge" Quezada - Guitar

NIGHTMARE - Percussion

DJ Ecusa - Turntable

Ben Jovi - Bassist