Scott Frazier


What started as a kid having a prodigy musician as a brother and saying to him, “Hey man, I’m gonna get you discovered and manage you someday”, has turned into a successful 20 year career of living that dream, having managed some of the biggest acts in the music business.

“I’m continually looking for that next band. I truly enjoy listening to new music. You never know when you’re going to hear that next level thing”

Tim Buchenroth

V.P. A&R / Live Events

Tim’s passion for music and the music industry was solidified after playing his first show at age 14. Decades later, he’s still playing, and he’s built an industry-wide reputation as an honest, trustworthy, hard-working professional that gets results in event production and artist development/management.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting talent in front of the right people. Bringing together the right people at the right time is like magic – on stage or in the studio.”

David Frazier

3D Modeler / Graphic Artist

Formerly lead singer of Outspoken signed to Lava/Atlantic Records in 2002, David's an artist blazing with a deep passion for all things CG! What started out as a hobby making original 2D art for his own personal website and blog articles, morphed into an all out affinity for 3D modeling and animation. A top student and now VIP citizen of CGCookie (grown to become one of the leading digital art educators with more than 500,000 users globally), David has dedicated over 7 years developing his skills in 3D modeling, texturing, shading, rigging, and animating.

My focused skills are 3D character and environment creation and scene development in wither realism or stylized formatting. Visit my Art Station page for gallery: